Dedicated to delivering excellence


Our mission is to provide services to ensure conformity with quality & integrity. We provide our customers with confidence and innovative solutions to ensure their success in the global marketplace.


Our vision is to incorporate the world with a reliable, transparent, and sustainable business chain. We are focused to help, promote, and support businesses in enhancing their social, moral, and environmental performance.


  • Better service (Service with professionalism)
  • Ethical (Providing service with manner)
  • No compromise on quality (Zero compromise on quality)
  • Integrity (Integrity is our pride).
  • Meticulous and tardy (Service will be provided as scheduled)
  • Environment & Health Safety (We help to create a culture of safety and reduce the likelihood of accidents or injuries in the workplace or other environments)

We, PDCA International Ltd. have been operating as a service provider, offering a wide range of services in the arena of audit, verification, certification, calibration, and capacity building. PDCA strives to be in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by assuring a safe and sustainable work environment in terms of labor and human rights, biodiversity, circular economy, and standardized management systems.

PDCA International Ltd. is a SAC Approved Higg FEM Verifier Body (VB), SLCP Verifier Body (VB), an accredited certification body of ISO Management System Certification and Lead Auditor Training Courses. Apart from these, PDCA has a wide range of sustainability products to serve and be your wellbeing partner.

These core values embody the essence of mission and vision, guiding our actions and decisions as we strive to make a meaningful impact in the world.