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SLNo Required information Yes No
1 Is it the first-time verification at your facility?
2 Does your facility have any wet process ( i.e., washing, dyeing etc.)
3 Does your facility have onsite ETP?
4 Have you completed only foundation?
5 Have you completed Level 2/Level 3 for chemical section?
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Language used for most of the employee -   
Verification Scope Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Type of Verification Semi- announced Announced
Primary language spoken at the facility
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% of workers spoken secondary language
Self-assessment posting date:
C-TPAT Audit
ISO Management System Certification
ISO 9001 SISO 13485 Type of Audit
ISO 14001 ISO 27001 Initial
ISO 45001 ISO 37001 Surveillance 1
ISO 26000 GMP Surveillance 2
ISO 26000 GMP Surveillance 2
Environmental Parameter Testing
Noise Level Monitoring Ambient Air Quality Monitoring
Light Level Monitoring GHG Inventory
Humidity Level Monitoring ODS Inventory
Stack Air Emission Test Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Environmental Parameter Testing (EIA)
Sustainability Services
Water Guardianship Social and Labor Conformity Assessment (SLCA)
Energy Assessment Environmental Assessment for Conformity (EAC)
Zero Waste to Landfill certification Chemical Management Audit
Product Traceability Assessment Chemical Traceability Assessment (CTA)
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