The Higg FEM, or Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM), is a tool developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) for assessing the environmental sustainability performance of manufacturing facilities within the apparel, footwear, and textile industries. The Sustainable Apparel Coalition is a global alliance working to reduce the environmental and social impacts of apparel and footwear products.


PDCA International Ltd. is a SAC-approved Higg FEM Trainer Body (TB) to provide Higg FEM Training. Being a SAC Approved Trainer Body (TB), PDCA organizes SAC Approved Higg FEM Training in a determined interval.  


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Course outline:

The training sessions consist of the following topics-

-          Introduction to the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) and HIGG

-          Introduction to Using Higg.org

-          Environmental Management Systems

-          Energy and Greenhouse Gases

-          Water Use

-          Wastewater

-          Emissions to Air

-          Waste Management

-          Chemicals Management


The professional should attend the course:

-          Environmental responsible

-          Chemical responsible

-          Compliance professional

-          Sustainability professional

-          Energy responsible

-          ECR executive or manager

-          EHS executive or manager

-          Utility and maintenance executives

-          Utility and maintenance managers

-          Decision makers to invest in sustainability project

-          Any interested personnel in environmental sustainability


Why you should choose PDCA as your training provider:

-          SAC Approved Higg FEM Trainer Body (TB)

-          Highly experienced and approved trainers

-          Competitive Pricing

-          Innovative Teaching Methods

-          Industry expertise

-          Proven Track records

-          Comprehensive Course Offerings


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